Soil pollution

Soil remediation expertise

Hydreau offers expertise in technical studies, site supervision or second opinion, recognized by industry players for your soil remediation projects.

When ?


When buying / selling a property


When an industrial activity ceases


When there is a suspicion of pollution or to determine the actions to take against known pollution


To optimize an ongoing or planned treatment


To temporarily strengthen your engineering teams


Mission ?

Is my site polluted ?

Hydreau offers studies according to the current codes of good practice (historical studies, soil investigations, sampling plan, supervision of investigations, sampling

Am I required to clean up ?

Does my pollution pose a risk? Following the identification of a pollution, you must assess whether it poses a risk with a view to determining, according to the applicable legislation, the urgency or the need for remediation. Hydreau conducts these risk assessments, both in terms of data acquisition and studies. Hydreau has extensive experience in health risk assessment and groundwater (leaching and migration) where we combine this expertise with our knowledge of groundwater management.

Which remediation method to choose ?

Soil pollution is characterized by several factors that will influence the selection of the best remediation technique. These factors are either inherent to your site (type of geology, depth of groundwater, built-up areas, etc.) or inherent to the actual pollution (type of contaminants, possible mixtures, pollutant content). The best remedial method generally consists of a combination of techniques that can either eliminate pollution or eliminate risks by acting on the transfer routes between pollution and its receptor.

Where ?

In the Walloon Region, Brussels-Capital and France

Specific references

First Pilot test in Europe on the use of STAR © remediation technology (in-situ combustion) on behalf of SPAQuE

Development of the GAMMA tool, a tool for sustainable selection of remediation techniques

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